2020 Season Guidelines

We are excited to share our plan to safely celebrate Summer, and to Officially extend it to October!

We are opening June 1 at 9am for members only, with morning and afternoon reservations. With the guidance placed upon us to manage head count we worked very hard to come up with a scalable solution. We studied what other pools and clubs are doing in the area to manage head count, looked through our historical information on attendance, researched social distance best practices and wrote policy to effectively clean and ensure the safety of the community. We feel that our approach is safe and scalable. As government lessens restrictions, we will be able to grow more capacity and services while also remaining vigilant on safety.

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A few key points for this year;

  • We are Officially extending Summer! Weather permitting, we anticipate keeping the pool Open into October.

  • Open June 1 at 9am

  • We are utilizing a 75 person morning and 75 person afternoon session per day reservation model to Members Only to ensure the maximum opportunity to enjoy Summer.

  • Memberships are available. Reservation Model is inplace.

  • We have new hours, 9am to 8pm with a deep cleaning break from 2pm to 3pm

  • Morning session 9am-2pm, Afternoon session 3pm-8pm.

  • Lane ropes will be out from 9am-10am for lap swimmers, for those with morning reservations.

  • To ensure we follow recommended guidelines a maximum of 75 people, per session inside the fenced area. This will allow for appropriate social spacing and cleaning.

  • Please use the member portal to reserve your sessions for multiple members, the WIX app for individual members.

  • We encourage you to bring your own chairs each time. A limited and sanitized amount of chairs will be available.

  • We have a cleaning protocol for all touch surfaces and including restrooms.

  • All Members will need to exit the gated area during our deep cleaning period form 2pm-3pm daily.

  • Monday and Thursday mornings will be maintenance and deep clean days. Please join us in the afternoons on these days.

  • CSRA Swim League did cancel the Swim Season for Summer 2020

  • Per Governor guidance to limit interactions to same households, no swim lessons or parties can be scheduled at this time.


Welcome to the Club: New Greeter/Technology/Lifeguard

We have a new greeter position that will meet you at the gate this year and scan your forthcoming membership card in and out bound. Please ensure all members bring their card each session. New cards will be distributed on your first visit and your picture taken for the software solution we are using. This software will also help us post the “Attending” numbers on the website to communicate in near real-time how many people are at the pool.


We encourage you to reserve your session a week ahead, but we will communicate the availability number on the website and Facebook with frequent updates. Seventy-five people will be allowed inside the property gates for the morning session and another 75 in the afternoon, so we anticipate being able to handle our membership at levels they are accustom to with only minimal restrictions. As guidelines are updated we will adjust.

We heard the request for a return to lifeguards. We want to bring that back as soon as fiscally available. We are confident that by adding our 75 new members we will be at a point to add lifeguards to daily operations. WE ADDED LIFEGUARDS ON DAY 1, thanks for helping us reach this goal!


Other News…

AGE: Member feedback asked for the board to consider lowering the age for unaccompanied minors to 13. At present, to continue the health and protection of families and to follow established guidelines we need to maintain our 16-year-old minimum age for drop off, still with a reservation. We will look to lower this once guidance changes.


Credit card and more food: We have added credit card purchasing at the Snack Shack and more meal options for microwave use. Be on the lookout for microwavable pizzas, corn-dogs and new food items to be added and rotated more often. Credit cards are welcome with our new Clover cash register. This is also part of our safety effort to reduce the touch-points associated with cash. We encourage you to use credit cards when possible.


Bathrooms: Both bathrooms are OPEN.  We will strive to add touch-less flush and touch-less faucets as soon as financially feasible to lessen your touch-points. 




In closing, the board and I are very excited that Summer will occur, but we need your support to be successful. Like any other small business fighting Covid-19 in America we will likely see a very reduced revenue because we are forced to adopt a different business model to stay afloat. We would have never imagined that our 60th anniversary would be pivoting like this, but here we are trying to overcome. We hope that this balanced approach will encourage you to spend the Summer with us. Thank you for all your support and patronage.


All the best,

Hammond Hill Suburban Club Board

(803) 278-2784

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